BIOHon Justice Monica Bolna’an Dongban-Mensem is currently the Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeal, Ibadan Division, Nigeria. She is an authority in Criminal and Civil Procedure Law, Taxation and International Public Finance, Public International Law, Legislative Drafting, Constitutional and Administrative Law and International Commercial Transactions.

Thus Mensem worked hard to make a modest but invaluable contribution to this end by establishing the Pa William Mensem Education and Scholarship Foundation (PAWMESFO) in May of 2009. PAWMESFO, launched only six years ago has been able to build a school, named after Mensem’s father, Pa William Mensem at Ngotuguut, in Plateau State.

Pa William Mensem Memorial School as it is now known elicited so much enthusiasm in not only the people of Ngotuguut but the neighbouring villages and indeed, the whole of Plateau State. While parents are eager to send their children to the school. The children on their own are zealous to enroll in what they commonly call “Monica’s School”. Full academic work started in February of this year.

Justice Mensem loves writing, reading and golfing. She also delights in working with children, women and the elderly. She has strong religious beliefs and particularly dreams of a world where women and children are not seen as second-class citizens but rather treated with love and respect. Justice Mensem is a mother of four children and two grandchildren.

Indeed, Justice Monica Bolna’an Dongban-Mensem is a gift to society. Her achievements have challenged other professionals and politicians whom she has apparently given a shove in the right direction. For dedicating her life to the downtrodden and serving as a beacon of hope for women and children, many describe Mensem as the very essence of compassion and duty as well as the acme of love and generosity.