Pa William Mensem Memorial School, Ngotuguut

Pa William Mensem Memorial School is managed by a charity called Pa William Mensem Educational and Scholarship Foundation (PAWMESFO). The school which started at primary level has progressed to secondary level.
The secondary section which started in September 2016 was designed to afford the children that were well groomed at the primary school level a platform they can move onto. This became particularly necessary because the secondary schools in the locality can scarcely give the standards we offer.
The challenge however lies in the sustenance of the standards we set. We are constructing world-class facilities: dormitories (for boys and girls as ours is a mixed school), dining hall, libraries and sporting facilities. Acquisition of necessary school materials is also key to us. In this regard, we seek help from our leaders, organizations and individuals of goodwill to enable us pursue this noble mission.

The story behind school

There once lived a schoolteacher in Ngotuguut by name Pa William Mensem Shaltuen. This man yearned for quality education for children of his small rustic Ngotuguut but he could not get this before death knocked at his door.
This old man’s passion has indeed moved many people. One of his children, Hon Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem took the bull by the horns when she stated that lamenting about the deplorable state of affairs would not help — something practical be done to keep the vision alive. This resulted in the founding of PAWMESFO in 2009.
Through PAWMESFO, Ngotuguut now has a school that offers services not commonly seen. Though in a remote area, the school has modern classrooms, a computer room, a library and other facilities.
We at PAWMESFO believe that there is no worthwhile investment in life that can be compared with education. For this reason, we are never tired of reaching those who share our vision for support to help the vulnerable.
Truly, we have made tremendous difference in Ngotuguut. The community is happy and the people have been making efforts to render help to the school in their appreciation. However, being mainly small scale agrarian population, they have not been able to make the impact they desire to make.  It is instructive to add that our facilities in the school are also available to the neigbouring communities. Your assistance will go a long way in uplifting these people and their children.